Humanity has created more data in the last two years than in human history as a whole. Capital today is our data.


The arrival of artificial intelligence (AI) in our lives will considerably change the paradigms we know, including that of employment.

As debates begin on job disappearances and displacements, the reality of the rapid evolution of AI puts everyone in agreement that too rapid adaptation will leave many people on the sidelines.

The rise of AI is leading companies to shift from thinking in terms of hierarchical employee structures to thinking in terms of task flows. For each identified task, they will look for:

  • Automate by traditional methods
  • Automated by AIs, usually in the cloud
  • Develop proprietary AIs that will often be trained by recording tasks performed by humans

These actions will result in a massive displacement and precariousness of employment.

We are now at the beginning of these upheavals, those where our main problem in the short term will be to have enough people to train robots.

And then what? Once the robots are trained?

robotME wants to address the challenges and issues raised by AI, including:

  • A platform for the distribution of ethical tasks
  • Royalties on our data so that WE are paid for our data
  • Tools giving access to employment
  • Support in the form of training
  • Blockchain and artificial intelligence in the service of a sustainable humanity

robotME empowered by impactIA

“Progress is only worthwhile if it is shared by all”


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