Laura Tocmacov Venchiarutti

Laura Tocmacov Venchiarutti

Managing Director

The impact of Artificial Intelligence on Work led Laura to co-found the impactIA Foundation.

Her 20 years of experience in professional transitions led her, with the emergence of AI, to want to act in a rapidly changing world where artificial intelligence is at the service of a sustainable humanity.

“Do or do not, there is no try”, Master Yoda

Olivier Muller

Olivier Muller

Training design & robotic trainer/AI

A passionate trainer in all aspects of robotics and industry, Olivier has been working in this field for over 7 years.

As an entrepreneur, he is constantly developing new training concepts integrating new technologies for various audiences.

Today, new technologies are pushing him towards a new challenge: sitting at the same young and less young table to discover together the potential of robotics.

Saint-Exupéry said that an objective without a plan is called a wish. I draw the plans.


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Audrey Parrone

Audrey Parrone

Strategic business modeling

Audrey is one of those sociologists who are curious about life and humanity against all odds.

Her love for analyzing problems and finding solutions by making ethics the high point, naturally brought her to impactIA.

 It is her ability to learn quickly and to adapt, combining multicultural integration and management aspects that has led him to focus her interventions on the strategic modelling of companies and organisations. The integration of Artificial Intelligence could only arouse his insatiable curiosity.

Tony Errico

Tony Errico

Communication - Online Marketing Manager

A true media all-rounder.

Specialist in media and communication, qualified with more than 25 years of experience in the industry, including 15 years at RTS (television). An expert in audio engineering and video production, a true jack-of-all-trades, he has also worked in digital marketing and social networks. With his past experience of production and realisation in England, he brings this unique expertise, which is highly appreciated by our customers.

“No object is mysterious. The mystery is your eye.”

Elizabeth Bowen

Julien Rapp

Julien Rapp


Julien is one of those atypical journalists who handles the pen with as much dexterity as his guitar.

Committed, he strives to bring out the essence of things with accuracy and sensitivity.

A passion for the human adventure leads him to touch heterogeneous subjects, with the accuracy of the wise and the relevance of the truth.

Artificial intelligence is only the extension of this adventure.

“Ignorance leads to fear, fear leads to hatred and hatred leads to violence.”

Mr. Moore



An exceptional team of machine learning experts

Visium is first of all an incredible meeting with Alen, his CEO and Timon, his CTO. An immediate desire to work with these two dynamic entrepreneurs around Artificial Intelligence.

Then several meetings where the values of ethics and excellence meet immediately. From exchange to exchange, from work to work, the evidence of a joint venture makes its place.

Collaboration is set up, common mandates are set up with a perfect alignment between Artificial Intelligence and our vision at the service of a sustainable humanity.

Visium joins forces with the impactIA foundation to address our challenges and issues head on.