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AI Readiness Training


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Understanding artificial intelligence and integrating it into your business​

No longer the exclusivity of the big tech companies, AI is driving the next wave of digitalisation.

Many companies are already leveraging Machine Learning to solve problems too complex for traditional programming and the pace of research points to an even bigger shift in the coming years.

Through the availability of online tools from the likes of Google and IBM as well as Open Source projects, this technology is now available to any company.

A common mistake is to view AI as a purely technical problem. Like digitalisation before it, AI will change the way we work and how we conceive products and business processes. Everyone involved in building or commissioning software – whether in-house or consumer facing – needs to understand AI and how they can apply it in order to reinvent their business in the light of these new possibilities.

Equipping you with those skills is the goal of this training.

Our trainers have solid theoretical knowledge and practical experience in AI-related projects and integrations. They accompany you to make your company “AI Ready”.


What you will experience during the “AI Readiness Training” seminar

Our “AI Readiness Training” seminar is based on methods developed within the impactIA foundation, with the help of our 21 multidisciplinary experts who work to make artificial intelligence a positive impact in the workplace.

In this interactive seminar you will learn how to :

  • Develop a vision of the potentials and stakes, as well as a general knowledge of AI.
  • Identify the possible integrations of AI in different sectors on a daily basis.
  • Develop an agility of thought to understand the changes related to AI in a short – medium – long term vision.

“In order to become AI first, everybody needs to have literacy in AI, from a product manager thinking about the problem through to a developer, a data scientist and the production teams. Once you have that, you can start to incorporate AI into almost any business problem.

Rajen Sheth

Senior director of product management, Google Cloud

This training is for you if:

  • As an executive, entrepreneur or manager, you want to turn artificial intelligence into a differentiating force.
  • You want to improve the efficiency of your organisation, optimise your processes and develop innovations.
  • You want to implement AI projects.
  • You manage projects integrating AI or would like to integrate AI, internally or externally.
  • You manage multidisciplinary teams.
  • You wish to deepen your experience and knowledge in the field of AI.
  • As a consultant or trainer, you wish to deepen your methodological knowledge.

No prior knowledge of artificial intelligence is required for the AI Readiness Training seminar. For technical teams (IT developers, UX,…), we offer an AI Readiness Masterclass.

The AI training given by impactIA was a real “eye opener” on the potential of AI for SMEs in Switzerland. Paced in the right way, with very concrete examples. I highly recommend this training to any entrepreneur and professional who wishes to proactively seize the opportunities of this revolution and implement it in their company

Wouter Van Der Lelij




Tue. 5th and Wed. 6th of May 2020 in Geneva

9h00 – 12h et 13h15 – 17h15


Neuchâtel / Geneva

CHF 1’760.-/pp. including lunch repas de midi inclus

EARLY BIRD (payment received at least 2 months before the 1st day of the event) : CHF 1’540.-

Day 1
Understanding AI
Intro to AI, past, present and future
  • AI: Hype vs reality
  • Applications and case studies
  • Past, present, future
Impact of AI on jobs
  • At risk fields
  • New Jobs and skills
  • Future competencies

How Machine Learning works

  • Neural Networks made simple
  • Learning styles
  • Training neural networks

Company strategy and ethics

  • 4 automation strategies
  • Ethical frameworks
  • International perspective
Day #2
Applying AI
Discovering opportunities
  • Optimising business processes
  • Optimising existing products
  • Disruptive new products
Product design (UX)
  • Predictive and agentive AI
  • Uncertainty, explicability & reassurance
  • New interaction methods
  • Prototyping AI
  • Frameworks
  • AI systems
  • Data strategies
Evaluating opportunities
  • Rules of thumb
  • Basics of technical assessment
  • Prioritisation
Managing AI projects
  • The ideal AI team
  • AI project process
  • Setting targets
  • Redefining bugs


Laura Tocmacov Venchiarutti

Laura Tocmacov Venchiarutti

Co-founder and Director impactIA Foundation

Trained at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in “Artificial Intelligence & Business Strategy”, Laura leads the impactIA foundation that drives sustainable, concrete applications of AI in the workplace.

Steffi Kieffer

Steffi Kieffer

Founder, Revelate Design

Steffi is a trainer and coach for AI Sprints, Design Thinking and User Experience. She is a partner and founder of the Revelate Design agency. She also acts as a mentor at Google Launchpad and co-organizes the Design Thinking and Humane Tech Meetup groups in Munich.
More than 20 years of experience have led her to work in London, Barcelona, Munich and Switzerland on various projects for medium and large companies and start-ups.

Ben O'Hear

Ben O'Hear

Founder, Revelate Design

Ben is a design consultant with over 15 years of experience in the high-tech industry specialising in the impact of AI on digital product design, as well as a startup coach at Google Launchpad.

Next Event (in English) : 5-6 May 2020, Geneva

CHF 1’760.-/pp. incl. Lunch

EARLY BIRD (payment received at least 2 months before the 1st day of the event) : CHF 1’540.-


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