The mission of the multidisciplinary Advisory Board is to support the impactIA foundation by providing advice, guidance and priority courses of action related to the theme of work and its impact on people and society.

It is composed of multidisciplinary experts who meet for regular working sessions to discuss the issues, risks, challenges, solutions and priorities for action necessary for the emergence of artificial intelligence in the service of sustainable humanity.

Its wide range of skills enables it to support the Foundation’s mission in terms of efficiency and prioritisation of actions.

The members of the foundation

The members are not legal representatives of the Foundation Board. They bring their expertise and skills to increase the foundation’s efficiency of action.

Boi Faltings

Director of the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, EPFL, Switzerland

Bogdan Herea

CEO Pitech Founder Academie + Plus (according to school model 42), Romania

Marc Turiault

Neuroscientist, trainer and lecturer at the Social Brain Institute

Jonathan O'Hear

Co-creator DAI (contemporary dancer with an AI), artist.


Jolan Venchiarutti

Student, co-president SOUPO, Member of the YEP (Youth European Parliament)

Marie-Josée Tardif

Co-founder of Kina8at, Trainer and Speaker, Canada

Manfred Urben

Labour analyst, training engineering, Qualife Foundation Coach and H3

Guido Bologna

AI Machine Learning Specialist. Lecturer at HEPIA & University of Geneva




Aurore Bui

Founder and Director Softweb Social Innovation Specialist

Michel Authier

Philosopher, mathematician and sociologist, President Mugeco, France




Nick O'Hear

Chairman Tension Technology International Ltd, Taishan Friendship Award, The Netherlands

Dominique Rankin

Hereditary Chief and Male Algonquin Physician Co-Founder Kina8at, Canada

Vincent Nassar

Management RH, Chair of Corporate Strategy&Innovation EPFL

Sébastien Fanti

Cantonal Data Protection Officer VS, Attorney & Notary

Arnaud Grobet

Associate Emakina.CH, communication & digital marketing




Sabrina Cohen Dumani

Professional training, Managing Director Fondation FFPC, Présidente Nomads




Salah Basalamah

Associate Professor, Translation and Interpretation, University of Ottawa.


Contemporary dancer with artificial intelligence, born 17.09.2018




Mai Nguyen Howles

Doctor, cognitivo-behaviouralist, EMDR, Chinese medicine

François Jung

Training engineering, sociologist, Director Synact, founder of idEE-Léman




Tim O'Hear

Co-founder and President impactIA, Head of Technology Swissbilling

Laura Tocmacov

Co-fondatrice, Managing Director impactIA, prof. d'insertion, AI business strategy


Present from the beginning, your heart remains with us.

Philipp Koenig

Co-initiator Representative Geneva G4, Sustainable Development